Journal of Clinical and Applied Neurosciences                            Volume 2; Issue 1                                   Jan-Jun 2017
Symptomatic Vertebral Artery Occlusion in a Young Nigerian Male: A Case Report with Review of Current Literature
Enoch O UCHE, M Temitayo SHOKUNBI,  Mayowa  OWOLABI,  Omolola ATALABI,  Atinuke AGUNLOYE

1Neurological Surgery Unit,
Dept of Surgery University of Nigeria
Teaching Hospital Ituku Ozalla,
Enugu, Enugu State, NIGERIA
2Dept of Neurological Surgery
University College Hospital Ibadan, NIGERIA
3Department of Neurology
University College Hospital Ibadan, NIGERIA
4Department of Radiology
University College Hospital

Ogbonnaya E UCHE
Department of Surgery, University of Nigeria
Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu, NIGERIA
Formerly Chief Resident
Department of Neurological Surgery,
Institute of Neuroscience,
University College Hospital Ibadan NIGERIA

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Phone: +234 803 368 6469

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Received: 17th June, 2017Accepted: 29th June, 2017

Although vertebral artery occlusion is a recognized cause of posterior circulation stroke especially in the young adult population, this is the first report of a magnetic resonance angiography proven case of the disease in a Nigerian. Our case report illustrates the challenges that clinicians are faced with in the diagnosis of this condition and provides a synthesis of the current treatment nuances through a review of relevant literature.