Journal of Clinical and Applied Neurosciences                            Volume 2; Issue 1                                   Jan-Jun 2017
Stroke in Nigeria: the state of affairs
Stroke is a very common neurological disorder and is currently the most frequent reason for neurological admissions in hospitals in Africa. The current definition of stroke requires the use of neuroimaging for documenting lesions while the previous...
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Contributing to a Better Understanding and Management of Stroke in Nigeria: the Burden, the Challenges, Resources and Opportunities
Adekunle Fatai MUSTAPHA1, Michael Bimbo FAWALE2,  Oluyemi Mary ADEBANJO3
Received: 16th June, 2017   Accepted: 26th June, 2017
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A pilot study comparing the dose and serum drug levels with seizure control in patients on carbamazepine monotherapy
Adedunni W OLUSANYA1, Mustapha DANESI2,3 
Received: 18th January, 2017    Accepted: 4th April, 2017
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Epidemiological Profile of Neurosurgical Tumours in Zaria, North-West Nigeria
Abdullahi O JIMOH1, Mesi MATTHEW1, Saad A AHMED2, Dung A GUGA1, Afeez A ARUNA1
Received: 18th May, 2017    Accepted: 20th June, 2017
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Pre- and Intra-hospital Delays to Acute Stroke Treatment in a Tertiary Hospital in North-East Nigeria Olusegun John OLUWOLE, Fatai Kunle SALAWU, Adesola OGUNNIYI Received: 18th May, 2017Accepted: 29th June, 2017
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Risk Factors Associated with Second and Subsequent Strokes in an Adult Stroke Population in a Rural Community in South-East Nigeria
Kelechi O ENWEREJI1, Maduaburochukwu C NWOSU1, Adesola OGUNNIYI2, Paul O NWANI1, Azuoma L ASOMUGHA1, Ezinna E ENWEREJI3
Received: 30th May, 2017      Accepted: 29th June, 2017
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Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour in a 10-year old
Jude-Kennedy C EMEJULU1, Okechukwu H EKWUNIFE2, Titus OG CHUKWUANUKWU3, Ikechukwu V OKPALIKE1, Kodilinye O IZUORA4, Ofodile C EKWEOGWU1, Sylvester O OBIECHINA2, Cyril E NWACHUKWU4
Received: 31st May, 2017Accepted: 20th June, 2017
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Foramen Magnum Meningioma Misdiagnosed as Cervical Spondylosis
Chika A NDUBUISI, Linda U Iroegbu EMERUEM, Wilfred C MEZUE, Kelechi O NDUKUBA
Received: 5th June, 2017Accepted: 25th June, 2017
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Symptomatic Vertebral Artery Occlusion in a Young Nigerian Male: A Case Report with Review of Current Literature
Enoch O UCHE, M Temitayo SHOKUNBI,  Mayowa  OWOLABI,  Omolola ATALABI,  Atinuke AGUNLOYE
Received: 17th June, 2017 Accepted: 29th June, 2017
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Discordant Encephalocele in Monozygotic Twins in Kaduna, Nigeria: A Case Report
Stephen A KACHE, Danjuma SALE 
Received: 1st June, 2017 Accepted 30th June, 2017
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