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Editorial to the Maiden Edition

The human and material demands for the publication of the maiden edition of any scientific journal are quite formidable. Conceptualizing a neuroscience journal takes a lot of courage, but actualizing it is surely a far higher challenge. Publishing the maiden edition of the Journal of Clinical and Applied Neurosciences, the official publication of the Nigerian Society of Neurological Sciences [NSNS], is no exception. If we were oblivious of this, at least, we have just found out. The fact that it took nearly half a century to materialize, probably, more than anything else, sends the most distinct message on the enormity of the task that transpired.

The NSNS journal is intended to publish two issues every year, January - June and July-December; and neuroscience research work is its main bias. In this very special edition we have painstakingly published twelve articles, from a letter to the editor, through case reports to original articles and two review articles.
Brain Death review by Komolafe, et al, evaluated the controversies surrounding, and criteria for, diagnosing brain death; whereas, Rabiu in his article reviewed the delay in presentation for definitive care by clients with congenital anomalies of the central nervous system.

Predictors of stroke recovery by Ekeh, et al; stigmatization of people living with epilepsy by Fawale, et al; non-traumatic causes of coma by Nwani and Nwosu; brain astrocytomas by Uche, et al; and movement disorders by Obiabo, made up the good spread of our original articles.

Seizure control following surgical treatment, 17years after a depressed skull fracture, by Emejulu, et al; removal of four nails driven into the brain of a 35-year old, following an assault, reported by Danjuma, et al; pseudotumour cerebri by Ekochin, et al; and clinical potentials of serial visual field assessment in parietal lobe lesions by Ogun, et al, made up our case reports.

The very first article that was received for this maiden edition was sent by Eseigbe. He wrote on the challenges of establishing and sustaining a journal of neurosciences, and it is very gratifying that Eseigbe’s letter to the editor made the list for this maiden edition, with its apt admonitions.

This inaugural edition of the journal is due for a launch at the 47
th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference of the NSNS in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi, Anambra State. We hope that, as was advised, the NSNS members will make efforts to sustain the regular publication of this journal with high quality articles, adequate funding, visibility on internet and in hard copy, indexing on major platforms and sustenance of a high calibre editorial team.

It is rewarding to have this maiden edition which was initially conceptualized during the presidency of Prof M Temitayo Shokunbi in 2010, finally come to fruition in the tenure of Prof Olubunmi A Ogunrin, 5years later. The editorial team is grateful to all the authors and reviewers who made this dream come true.

Jude-Kennedy C Emejulu