Journal of Clinical and Applied Neurosciences                            Volume 1; Issue 1                                   Jan-Jun 2015
The removal of four penetrating nails in the head following assault: a case report and technical note
Danjuma SALE1,
Gyang BOT2,
Nasiru J ISMAIL3

1Ahmadu Bello University
Teaching Hospital Shika Zaria Kaduna State, NIGERIA
2Jos University Teaching
Hospital, Jos, Plateau State
3Regional Centre for Neurosurgery
Usmanu Danfodio University
Teaching Hospital Sokoto Sokoto State, NIGERIA

Danjuma SALE
Ahmadu Bello University
Teaching Hospital Shika Zaria Kaduna State, NIGERIA

Email:  doplass@yahoo.com
Phone: +234
806 943 2297

Penetrating head injury with nail guns is common, especially in patients with psychiatric disorders. Such injuries with carpenter nails following assaults are rare. They are usually extracted via craniotomy, or pulled out, under local anaesthesia. We present the case of a 35-year old man who had penetrating head injury with four nails following assault by five unknown assailants. He lost consciousness immediately, which he regained after 7hours.  At admission, his Glasgow Coma Score was 12/15, and skull x-ray and cranial computed tomography demonstrated the nails in the intracranial cavity. He had emergency burr hole extraction of the nails under general anaesthesia, and made a full recovery without developing any complication 3years after the injury.

Keywords: Carpenter nails, head injury, infection, surgery

Received: 23rd January, 2015                                    Accepted: 20th February, 2015